Kudos to UK HealthCare Staff

Working Together as a Team.

Senior leadership received the following email:

“You never think anything will happen, but sometimes it does. My five year old Granddaughter fell Sunday and my son brought her here. Please accept my families’ gratitude on behalf of your team for the great care and smiling faces we encountered. Everything seemed pretty seamless to me. I wish I could remember all of the names but this is a list of the departments. These are the people I encountered:

Security, ER Desk, Waiting Room Desk, Department of Anesthesiology – Resident Department of Surgery, Everybody in PACU Sunday 7 PM shift, Transporters and the Kentucky Children’s Hospital

Everybody was great and someone even gave her this bear with anatomically correct bandaging.”

It is amazing that UK HealthCare staff continue to work as a team to provide patient centered care. This really shows patients, their families and visitors that we have their best interest at heart. Thank you all for the hard work that you continue to do to make UK HealthCare a great place to receive care.


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