Kudos to Shuttle Operator Doug True

Chandler to Good Samaritan Shuttle Kudos to Doug

There is a shuttle route which travels between Chandler and Good Samaritan Hospital and assists patients, their families, visitors and employees with quick and easy transportation. This shuttle service route is through Republic Parking, managed by Paul Dillon, which is a UK HealthCare Hospital partner.

A thank you note was written regarding the shuttle service that travels between Chandler and Good Samaritan Hospital:

“I wanted to thank you for the shuttle that we have that goes from Chandler to Good Samaritan, it certainly helps those of us that have to go to Chandler frequently, this is a great service.

But what I wanted to mention most of all is Doug, the driver of this shuttle; he is such a kind person, always friendly, polite, and helpful to anyone needing assistance, whether it is directions, assistance getting on and off the shuttle, whatever is needed.   He checks the bus for personal belongings, makes every attempt to return these items to their owners, he has brought multiple items to me and we have always been able to locate the owner with a little detective work.  One in particular happened about 2 weeks ago, a young lady left her wallet on the shuttle, Doug did not recognize her, not one of the regulars, this wallet contained over $1000.00 in cash, along with her id, and credit card, amount other items.  Doug brought the wallet to me, after checking with Human Resources, we determined she was not an employee, we would need another avenue to locate her.   There was a card in her wallet from the credit union, I contacted the Credit Union and explained that her wallet had been found and we had no way to contact her and asked if they could place a call to the owner of the wallet, they did and about an hour later I was able to return her belongings to her.  If it had not been for Doug that young lady may not have received her belonging back which I am sure would have been devastating; she said she had just gotten her income tax refund and was using the money to buy a car in order to get to campus for classes.  I just wanted to make you aware of this situation.”

Through Doug’s consistent dedication to excellent customer service he was able to assist a patron of the shuttle service by following great standards of service. Great job Doug and thanks for going above and beyond in caring for our patients, visitors and staff!!