Kudos to MCC Multidisciplinary Clinic

The following voicemail was left from the family member of a patient at the Markey Cancer Center Multidisciplinary Clinic:

 “I just wanted to call and let you know that my father has passed away…and with all the trouble that he has had he was there at the clinic a lot – over the last three weeks – and the care that he received and the staff that worked with him could not have been conducted in a more compassionate and nice way toward him and our family. I just wanted to call and thank you for your help. I just want to thank you all and I wanted to call to let you k now that – take care and thanks again.”

 This one minute phone call was an emotional thank you from the patient’s family member regarding the care that the father received. Great job to all involved.

 Multidisciplinary team members involved include: Dr. Susanne Arnold and Becky Cochran, RN

Chemo team members involved include: Sharon Martin, RN, Deb O’Nan, RN, and Bonnie Brown (PCM)

MCC Multidisciplinary & Chemo Team 

From Left to Right: Dr. Susanne Arnold, Deb O’Nan RN, Bonnie Brown(PCM), Becky Cochran RN, Sharon Martin RN