UKudos to Information Desk Personnel and Patient Transport

UK HealthCare Staff Goes the Extra Step for Patients!!

 From Courtney Higdon, the Director for Enterprise Patient Access:

“This morning I was in the clinic and had the opportunity to help a patient bound to a walker find her way.  She had an appointment in Nuclear Med, so I picked up the information phone to make sure I didn’t tell her the wrong way to go because I was pretty sure she needed to go all the way over to Chandler.  The woman from the information desk who answered was very professional in speaking with me and identified the patient appointment quickly and confirmed she did need to go to Pav H to register.  She immediately without being prompted asked if the patient needed transport assistance.  Wow!!  Yes she did and she said she would order that for us right away and got our location.  I asked her if she would be willing to contact Pav H admitting to let them know she was on her way – I knew the patient would be running late.  She was happy to do so.

 I then told the patient the plan and that I would also run down quickly to transport to make sure they had the order and to see if they would be there soon to get her.  Before I could get right back to the patient, Tyler Crawford from Transport, was already there taking her to her next stop! 

 I was so impressed with the professional and expeditious service of both teams involved and how well it all worked.  Thank you for your team’s efforts to collaborate together in support our patients and to anticipate their needs.

 Well done!”


Thank you Tyler and the Information desk personnel for caring for our patients and working so well together! It takes everyone to care for our patients and families….you all are the best! Special UKudos to you!!!