UKudos to Angie Mikel

With many individuals from the baby boomer generation entering into senior citizenship status; it is increasingly becoming important to have providers that understand their specific needs. Angie Mikel demonstrated that she is an outstanding provider through ensuring her patient received everything necessary for the appropriate care.

An extremely satisfied patient wrote a letter to Dr. Raleigh Jones, Chair of Otolaryngology and Dr. Jennifer Shinn, the director of Audiology about the care received from Audiologist Angie Mikel:

I have to write you both about my wonderful experience at UK Audiology and how Angie Mikel is just the most wonderful audiologist in the whole world. I broke down in tears (which I seldom do) yesterday, when Angie was adjusting my new hearing aids and expressed to her what a huge difference she has made in my life.

I am one of many seniors who know their hearing has decreased. I took a hearing aid company up on their “free” offer. They had a nice audiologist who did the hearing test and explained what my hearing deficiency was. HOWEVER the solution to my problem was $8,000 worth of hearing aids. Of course, there was no way I could afford that. Then they offer to finance them at 15%. Wow, what a deal! So I left in tears knowing that there was no way I could manage to get the hearing assistance I needed. I have to work to just barely make ends meet and my hearing was necessary for my job, so I was really worried about my future.

I have been going to UK Dental for over 10 years and asked my dentist if by chance UK had an Audiology Department. She said yes and that I should go online and find out about it. Well, I did and I had the luck of the draw and got Angie. She is amazing and such a wonderful person, and I will be forever grateful to her and UK for her help. She found a financial assistance program for me that has worked out and gotten me into these super wonderful, new hearing aids. They are so fantastic that my work quality is improving and my life quality is beyond improving.

Well, I am now on a mission. I have written on Facebook several times about how wonderful UK Audiology is and that seniors who need hearing assistance must go there… Well I have rattled on, but I just have to express mt excitement and appreciation about my new world of hearing and being assisted by such a great person.


Kudos to Angie and the entire Audiology team for going above and beyond to ensure this patient’s content with the care received. This kind of care, this kind of team work, makes UK HealthCare the provider of choice for our patients.


Angie Mikel Kudos
Colleen Swartz and Ann Smith recognized Angie with balloons and a UK HealthCare fleece jacket. Joining them is Dr. Jennifer Shinn.