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Neurogastronomy Symposium at UK helps us understand taste and flavor

Dan Han, PsyD, clinical section chief of neuropsychology at UK HealthCare, works with patients who have brain injuries and neurodegenerative disorders, many of whom describe loss of smell and, in tandem, changes in the way food tastes. These taste-related side effects piqued Han’s interest in neurogastronomy, a field of study that looks at how the […]

Craving salty foods? Blame your parents

Written by Jennifer Smith, a doctoral student in the UK College of Nursing, and Gia Mudd-Martin, an associate professor in the UK College of Nursing. A sprinkle over a baked potato or a teaspoon to flavor a pot of chili might seem innocent to the average dieter, but salt is a major culprit of cardiovascular disease […]

Meet Dr. Stephen Duncan, renowned orthopaedic surgeon and avid cyclist

In our latest edition of Making the Round, we spoke with Dr. Stephen Duncan, a nationally recognized surgeon at UK Orthopaedic Surgery & Sports Medicine. Dr. Duncan specializes in hip surgery and hip preservation and sees patients of all ages. He’s also an avid cyclist who appreciates the importance of an active lifestyle. What is […]

Getting to the heart of health care design

Innovative research conducted by UK College of Design faculty Lindsey Fay and Allison Carll-White and their students is helping to improve efficiency and care at UK Albert B. Chandler Hospital. The researchers, in partnership with UK HealthCare, recently completed a pre- and post-occupancy evaluation for the new eighth floor cardiovascular unit in Chandler Hospital-Pavilion A. As new facilities in Pavilion A opened on a staggered […]

5 ways to prevent preterm birth

Written by Diana Frankenburger, the childbirth education coordinator for UK HealthCare. Prematurity and its complications are the leading cause of death in children younger than 5 in the world today. Infants born before 37 weeks gestation have more complications than full-term babies, including problems with feeding and digestion, vision and hearing, and breathing. Premature report […]

4 tips for a healthy Thanksgiving

Make Thanksgiving happy and healthy this year with our top tips for a guilt-free holiday. 1. Take a deep breath. Between cleaning your house, preparing the holiday meal and dealing with family, Thanksgiving can quickly go from celebratory to stressful. Here a few ways to keep stress at a minimum: Enlist a family member or […]

Patient with rare neuroendocrine cancer finds help through clinical trial

Serotonin is commonly known as the “feel-good” chemical, a neurotransmitter in the brain that plays a large role in elevating a person’s mood. But for 68-year-old Kentucky native Geri McDowell, it’s the hormone that nearly took her life. In 2003, McDowell pursued medical help out of state after experiencing a prolonged gastrointestinal illness that her […]