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Summer gardening

It’s not too late to cultivate! Planting your own herbs and vegetables can be nutritious and inexpensive – as well as therapeutic. It doesn’t have to even be challenging. Try growing some low-maintenance herbs such as basil, parsley and chives; then, use them to spice up your dishes for extra flavor and nutritional benefits of […]

Smoothie Day — April 22

Join us at 1 p.m., Wednesday, April 22 for a smoothie demonstration and free samples! Learn how to make a healthy and delicious smoothie, while trying tasty samples. Location: 306 Whitney-Hendrickson Building, Psych-Oncology Services

Happy Healthy Spring!

At the beginning of spring, you may be looking forward to longer days and lighter, brighter meals.  Try this easy-to-prepare, nutritious and satisfying meal featuring salmon – an excellent source of omega-3 fatty acids, which are essential to many our body’s functions.  The zucchini also will provide many phytochemicals that help keep our cells healthy. […]

Cooking demonstration

Featuring: Kate Horning, author of Healthy Living Redefined: Live it. Share it. Wednesday, March 11 11 a.m. 306 Whitney-Hendrickson Building, Psych-Onc Services -FREE PROGRAM-

Weight Management

Maintaining a lean and healthy body weight is one way to reduce the risk of several cancers per the American Cancer Society Guidelines on Nutrition and Physical Activity.  If this is something you are working toward, here are some tips that may help: Eat breakfast!  You’ve heard it before, and there’s good reason.  Starting the […]

Get In Your Greens!

If eating more healthfully is in your New Year’s resolution, you are on the right track to provide your body with the right stuff to feel well and to be well.  One of the tougher tasks is getting in more fruits and vegetables – and making them tasty!  The American Cancer Society recommends 5-7 servings, […]

Soup’s On!

It’s getting cold and time for soup!  Several soups can be helpful and nutritious dishes for everyone, especially patients receiving cancer treatment.  Soups are a great alternative for those who find it difficult to tolerate solid food, are experiencing nausea or who are looking for a change. While broth-based soups are not very high in […]