Drinking tonight? Keep it safe.

Did you know St. Patrick’s Day is one of the biggest days of the year for alcohol consumption?

Drinking to excess is not only not good for your body, it tends to lead to bad decision-making, which can put you or those around you in danger.

Here are some tips to keep things safe and fun:

Know your limits

Drinking in moderation and knowing when you’ve had too much is key. If you are slurring your words or experiencing dizziness, it’s time to lay off the alcohol. Instead of guzzling your drink, sip it. One good rule of thumb is to have no more than one alcoholic drink per hour.

Don’t drink and drive

If you’re leaving home to drink, it’s essential to designate a driver or plan another way to get home. The designated driver does not drink AT ALL – you might take turns with your friends being the DD, and chip in to make sure the DD gets free snacks, etc.

Don’t want anyone in your group to have to abstain? Save a local taxi company’s number or download an app such as Uber. If worse comes to worse, stay where you are rather than risk being on the roads. Remember, even buzzed driving is drunken driving. If you feel buzzy, your reflexes are already impaired and you are not fit to drive.

Here are some other tips worth following:

  • Have a substantial meal before you start drinking, and snack through the evening. Food in your belly will help absorb alcohol and keep it from hitting your bloodstream all at once.
  • Beware of unfamiliar drinks that may contain more alcohol than you realize.
  • Stay with your friends. If you’re not thinking clearly, you don’t want to be on your own.

Happy St. Patrick’s Day and Go Big Blue!

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