Dr. Kim Kaiser not only serves patients in the UK Orthopaedics and Sports Medicine clinic, she’s also the team physician fora number of sports at UK.

Listen: UK team physician discusses working with student-athletes

Each year, college athletes flip, dunk and swim their way to wins and national titles. Working behind the scenes are countless staff members keeping these student-athletes healthy and in shape before, during and after their competitions.

UK’s Dr. Kim Kaiser is one of these specialists. She not only treats patients at the UK Orthopaedic Surgery & Sports Medicine clinic, she’s also the team physician for UK gymnastics, cheerleading, women’s soccer, swimming and diving, and volleyball and the sideline physician for women’s basketball.

In the latest episode of UK’s podcast Behind the Blue, Kaiser discusses how she works with athletes to ensure they’re in shape and feeling healthy for class and at game time. She also provides insights into how research being done at UK might help reduce and prevent the long-term effects of repeated head injury and concussion.

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