A UK HealthCare pediatric team led by Dr. James Liau performed the first of three surgeries to correct a Guatelmalan child's severe facial cleft.

UK HealthCare pediatric team brings Guatemalan child closer to a normal life

After Cony Puac delivered her daughter Evany, birthing attendants placed the newborn in her arms and cleared the room.

Born in a remote Guatemalan village surrounded by snow-capped volcanoes, even in the first moments of life, children born with facial clefts are ostracized from society. Evany was diagnosed with a severe midline cleft palate by an orthodontist in her community. An opening at the center of her face spanned from her bottom lip to the space between her eyes. On either side of the opening, her eyes were separated by 38 centimeters — 20 centimeters wider than that of an average child’s. Evany’s nostrils were pushed to the left side of her face in cluster of tissue. At the crown of her head, Evany suffered from several holes in the cranium bone beneath the skin.

Evany also lacked an upper lip, which she needed to receive nourishment early in life through breastfeeding.

Learn how UK HealthCare is working to bring Evany closer to a normal life »

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