June 13, 2014

National Nursing Assistants Week Spotlight Carissa Felt, NCT

There are many different types of procedures and protocols that Nursing Care Techs are responsible for knowing. And in some instances there comes a time when competencies need to be refreshed and renewed.

One specific example is the Guldman Lift,  which some NCTs in the PICU were a bit uncomfortable using. In the spirit of great teamwork, going above and beyond her job responsibilities, Carissa Felt, NCT took her time to demonstrate the lift, allowing her colleagues the opportunity to gain confidence and competency.

Providing stellar care requires great teamwork. Carissa Felt took her time and knowledge to share with her UK HealthCare team, providing an opportunity for excellent care for every patient, every time, everywhere! Thank you Carissa and Nursing Care Techs everywhere!

Ann Smith

Posted by Ann Smith

Blog host Ann Smith is chief administrative officer of UK Chandler Hospital, Good Samaritan Hospital and Kentucky Children’s Hospital. This blog provides information on activities and events throughout UK HealthCare's clinical operations.

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