Easy way to waste money

We were heading to a horse show and a friend of mine was going to ride in my truck with me. We loaded up the horses, hopped in the truck and started to drive off. Then we remembered we had left a piece of equipment still at the barn, so I simply reversed to get closer to the barn door. She hopped out and found her almost brand new Charles Owen helmet smashed on the ground after I ran it over with the truck.

What happened is that she put the helmet on the trailer fender and as we drove off it fell on the ground, and as we reversed, it was smashed under the tire.

It became an awkward situation, because her helmet was expensive, and she needed her helmet to horse show! What should I do now? buy her another helmet or let this event serve as a lesson so she would be more aware of where to leave her helmet and other belongings?

Thank goodness we are friends enough to be able to talk and laugh it out! But she had to buy another helmet herself. I did, however, find her a good deal!!

I can’t say that I wasn’t impressed with the smashed helmet. After a few thousand pounds ran over it, I would expect it to be more deformed than it was!!



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