UK Kudos to all who assisted in the ED Flood Recovery Efforts

A big kudos goes out to multiple departments who helped in the response efforts to a flood at the end of last year. On Nov. 29, 2016, a significant leak occurred that led to flooding in portions of three floors, including the Emergency Department (ED), conference rooms, offices, the central sterilization room and an IT closet.

The entire recovery effort was an example of great teamwork across multiple disciplines and departments in Perioperative Services.

ED staff rapidly moved 14 patients from the clinical areas impacted by flood water to hallways in areas that were dry. Reassurance was provided to patients and families regarding their care while the staff also covered computers, phones and other equipment to minimize damage. The ED team included: nurses, residents, nursing care techs, paramedics, patient clerical assistants, EVS and respiratory staff.

Staff from the OR and Central Sterile came together to work through prepping and processing that was disrupted by the cleanup efforts.  To help Central Sterile under the unique circumstances, OR staff even assisted with tray processing while the flood damage was being assessed.

To keep things running smoothly, some cases were moved to the Center for Advanced Surgery and Good Samaritan OR. Staff from those two locations worked alongside the Main OR team that came over to complete surgical cases during the temporary relocation. Central Sterile staff at the Center for Advanced Surgery also worked to process some of the Main ORs sets. Over 3,500 sets were re-sterilized over the three day period. The managers, directors and educators from all sites rolled up their sleeves and pitched in as well!

Surgeons and anesthesiologists were even called on to help with the flood response. They participated by adjusting the schedules to ensure that triage was appropriately staffed and UK’s standard of quality was still being met for the patients.

PPD, IT, IPAC, Safety, Supply Chain and EVS also collaborated as plans were made to wall-off the affected areas and maintain the operation of sterilizers. This group worked together to plan for a timely rebuilding of the flooded areas and ensure that the operations of the clinical areas were not entirely shutdown as a result of the flood.

Although the clinical operations were quickly adjusted to prevent a complete halt on services, clinic staff and the Office of Patient Experience worked together to communicate the flood with the patients that needed appointments rescheduled or changed.

All in all, the flood response included a wide variety of UK personnel that worked together as a team and quickly resolved this incident.

Thank you to everyone who took on additional responsibilities and assisted in the efforts!

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